Tulsa Track Star finds success after long road of setbacks


Kallista Frye’s life course is a lot like the trail she takes, with many twisty turns along the way.

The Tulsa native has not only found a skill she is good at, but also a home.

How long would you wait in life to do something you love and find a place to feel right at home. Victory Christian’s Kallista Fry waited 6 years of her life to find out that she was growing up in Haiti and was orphaned until she was 12.

“I didn’t come to America until I was 12, so everything is a bit new to me, I had to catch up,” said Kallista Frye, Victory Christian Track athlete.

There have been setbacks after setbacks over problems with an adoption agency. There were even allegations that the agency was fraudulent and the FBI was ordered to investigate.

“There are things that I had to go through, other kids don’t have to go through this, there are some things that I like to be different and I feel like that is my advantage. “said Frye. “I won the 100 in the state track and field competition and I was second in the 200,” said Frye.

Her journey to find a home has taught her lessons not only on the track, but in life as well.

“To be a good track runner you need time, you have to be patient because you are not always going to win me over having to wait 6 years to come here, that taught me patients, so here I am” , said Frye.


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