Trump adviser and local pastor Paula White’s Apopka church is open again


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  • Photo via Pastor Paula White-Cain
  • Pastor Paula White-Cain with her husband, Jonathan Cain of Journey

Interesting news, all of you! At the height of the coronavirus epidemic in Florida, Trump adviser and local pastor Paula White reopened her church in Apopka.

“Our doors are open at City of Destiny! Join us in person for the service this Sunday at 10 a.m.,” White wrote in an email Saturday morning, alerting his flock that the East McCormick Road Church has opened. for divine affairs on July 5th. the day after Florida reported our largest increase in new cases, with 11,458. The second-highest increase just occurred on Friday, with 11,433 reported. The Saturday, state health officials have reported 10,360 new cases, the third highest total on the same day since the start of the pandemic, and 212 new hospitalizations.

Florida this week was called the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the virus spreading in Florida faster than anywhere else except Arizona. The state reported a record 120 deaths on Thursday and 95 new deaths on Saturday. The state’s total stands at 254,511 infections, with 4,301 people dying statewide.

In Orange County, where White’s church is located, 482 cases were reported on Saturday and two new deaths, a 62-year-old man and a 67-year-old woman. That’s enough reason not to get a group of potentially sick people together for an in-person worship session, but at least White seems to be taking the threat. more seriously than Donald Trump, with “a three-pronged approach to making the internal worship experience at the City of Destiny safe, sanitized and secure”.

The first is the use of “advanced” Continuous infectious microbial reduction technology in their air ventilation system which, according to White, “immediately decontaminates and eliminates all pathogens, viruses and germs, continuously producing safe levels of hydrogen peroxide.”

The second is personal equipment like masks and hand sanitizer, distributed by volunteers who White says will wear PPE and masks, as well as a “state-of-the-art non-invasive infrared temperature station.” , through which all the faithful must pass.

Their third strategy is to rearrange the sanctuary seats to allow for social distancing, with rows spaced six feet apart. They have suspended their children’s church for now, but encourage parishioners to “bring your family and friends and practice social distancing with us as we come together to worship God!”

Whatever precautions White takes, it is a big risk to his believers. She has a habit of giving her followers crazy advice, like telling them to pay her instead of their own bills in February and that defying Trump to “fight against the hand of God” in 2017. In January, White posted a prayer for “all satanic pregnancies to miscarry at this time.”

“I want you to be there to be a part, and bring your family!” wrote Blanc. “Let me assure you that we have taken all measures and precautions to ensure that we are a safe environment.”

Faded away of the ad is whether there will be chanting from participants or a choir – one of the fastest ways to unintentionally infect people can spread the virus – but we will watch the direct to see, out of morbid curiosity.

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