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It’s easy to see where The Mercury stands on political issues just by looking and reading the editorial page. I’m surprised at the freedom of speech allowed in Sound Off, but thanks for that. I’m just bypassing Patriot54, Jay, Lefty – they’re so wrong. This is why the Conservatives can no longer have conversations with them, even though the facts are in front of them.


We finally know who is running this country. A few weeks ago, Biden’s spokesperson said, “We’re not letting the president go to Ukraine.” Notice the word “we”. Now find out that Nancy Pelosi is in Ukraine. So who really runs this country? The report even reminded us that Pelosi is second to Harris to be president – ​​no improvement anyway.

Give yourself a helping hand if you survived the winter of Biden’s death! Now he warns of the coming summer of starvation and misinformation. I say bring it baby!

Miss! Miss

President Biden, Schumer and Pelosi agree to buy votes in the next election by canceling student loan debt. The only detail to settle is the amount of debt that will be cancelled. Biden can’t legally forgive student loan debt, but that won’t stop him! Why only student loans? I’m sure the Democrats could get even more votes if they promised to write off auto loans and maybe even mortgages.

Robert Minner

Hey little Jay Miller! You were the one with all the inside information on the Mueller report. You knew everyone who was going to be charged, but it turns out the only one who was charged (figuratively, of course) was you for your legendary stupidity. You make Forrest Gump look like a Rhodes Scholar. And BTW why did Comey, Strzok, Page and McCabe all fall to the ground? Please let us know if you can.

When he is told: “I am the only one to tell you the truth! Everyone else is lying to you! my first instinct is to expect a whopper of a story. But then, I’m a hardened cynic. I thought that was what the right claimed to be. I guess that makes me one of them. Oh my God no !

Biden establishing a Democrat-controlled ‘Ministry of Truth’ days after progressive liberals lost control of Democrats’ propaganda social media platform Twitter, and 6 months before the midterms, is expected to infuriate all the world – even the left-leaning quartet of Sound Off. The same party that spent years silencing conservatives, promoting the Russia collusion hoax, deleting the Hunter Biden laptop story, spreading BLM fake news, embracing the CRT and equating parents with terrorists, think it’s credible to control misinformation?


Wasn’t it heartbreaking to see poor Jenny Psaki shed tears because the Florida Legislature passed a common sense law to end the despicable act of teaching children in kindergarten through 3rd grade l gender identity? Personally, I don’t think they went far enough – they should have included children up to 6th grade. I wonder how many tears she shed for the National Guardsmen who died trying to save the drowning migrant who came to our country illegally?

freedom fighter

We’ve always heard how much more money you make in your lifetime if you go to college than if you don’t. This is treated as a known fact! So why would someone who went to college need their college loans forgiven? Our college kids supposedly make more money than people without college degrees. They should be more financially stable than the rest of us to repay their loans.

H. Jean

Does anyone have a suggestion for a spring water delivery service? Crystal Springs/Primo Water and its subsidiaries are raising their prices again. $20.20 is too much for a 5 gallon bottle. No suggestions?

The same people who think men can get pregnant are suddenly concerned about misinformation on Twitter? Dems be tripp’n!


Mercury–Montgomery County Elections Town Hall: Reports that videos of multiple ballot insertions at ballot boxes have been investigated and those involved have followed legal procedures as designated persons for the delivery of ballots. Sound Off commentators ignore this, continuing to denounce voter fraud. Either they didn’t read or they didn’t believe the reports. Nothing breaks their closed minds and their political postures. They believe that Mercury is MSM. You must believe them and only them.

The insurgent Republican pick for Governor Mastriano tweeted a strategy for the state legislature to nominate a pro-Trump voter list for Pennsylvania (in other words, to nullify Pennsylvania’s vote based on unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud). That tweet earned Mastriano a subpoena from the committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol.


Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter demonstrated the disrespect that today’s Democratic Party has for our Constitution. Our Constitution gives everyone the right to free speech, but Democrats complain because they don’t want people on Twitter they don’t like or agree with. Only Democrats want to silence naysayers, but Democrats like to say they protect democracy – the big lie.

Michael Stern

Washington Republicans just can’t remember what they said on January 6th. They can deny that day all they want, but it will haunt them and the GOP forever!

And the hits just keep coming! There is no end to Biden’s skyrocketing inflation. The personal consumption expenditure price index rose 6.6% for the year ended March, the Commerce Department reported Friday. This was the highest rate since the period ending in January 1982, surpassing the February figure. Biden must not only be impeached but also exiled! America needs protection from the Joe Biden administration.


Kudos to RS for finally finding out that Jay Miller, Patriot54, David and other progressives went to college and graduated. Yes, as evidenced by our reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and overall fairness. RS succeeded. Sorry, we can’t say the same for our crazy conservative friends.

left handed

Joe Biden’s Hail Mary is on its way. He wants to erase student loan debt. Why? For years, students have paid off their student loans, but now they can’t? It’s only to buy votes. Why not also remove car credits? Or mortgages? It’s a slap in the face for people who have repaid their loans.


I want to thank my parents for not letting me choose my gender while I was still eating pencils, glue, boogers and dog food.

Fatty McButterpants

Barney, I submitted my first article in October 2021, less than 7 months ago. I was a Republican and I quit because of idiots like you in 2011. I didn’t vote for Joe because I wanted to, I had to stop Don Con from burning the Constitution. You used the term “we” – how many people live in your head? You can now return to hate as a way of life.

David M.

According to, 88% of our electricity is generated by nuclear, fossil, biomass or hydroelectric sources. On certain days, depending on the wind or the sun, we produce a greater percentage (or much less) of our energy from wind or solar power – or when demand is low or high. Clean coal represents 22% of our electricity, natural gas 38% and nuclear power 19%. The wind is at 9% and the solar at 3%.

nothing but facts

You see, the thing is, “realistic” isn’t about what you, me, or anyone else personally thinks about gender identity. It’s about arming children with information to avoid persecution and hatred from people who view and present gender differently. Arming young people with information could prevent hate crimes and suicides in the future and perhaps make the world a better and more united place for all. We need to accept ourselves for who they are, not who you think or believe them to be.

Greg T.

Madness alert! Democrats, boasting the worst approval ratings since political approval ratings have been tracked, just announced they’ve decided to send Joe Biden on the road to promote his midterm policies and campaign. for his progressive colleagues. At first I thought it was a preview of the upcoming comedy episode “Saturday Night Live”, but I soon learned that they were serious! But then again, intelligence has never been a Democrat’s forte.


David M’s April 23 post was an example of made-up “facts”. He called the United States the world’s biggest energy user and the world’s biggest polluter – the Sound Off “Lie of the Year” so far. The only agreement that the terrorists controlling Iran will understand or abide by is one enforced by a guidance device implanted in them for a personal cruise missile.


Poor Chris Wallace, he left the first cable news channel for the sinking ship CNN. CNN-Plus lasted less than a month. Even Biden’s transient inflation lasted longer – 14 months and still going strong.

Billy G.

Sometimes I just like to sit quietly and enjoy a ‘trip down memory lane’. Unfortunately, my ability to remember anything has gotten so bad that it’s usually a very short trip!

jim fitch

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