Saudi Arabian GP: when to watch practice, qualifying and the race live on Sky Sports F1 this weekend


The penultimate round of F1 2021 takes place on the sport’s fastest new street track, with another potentially decisive weekend in the Max Verstappen-Lewis Hamilton title fight; watch qualifying at 5 p.m. on Saturday, the race at 5.30 p.m. on Sunday – live on Sky Sports F1

Last update: 11/30/21 12:10 p.m.

Two more races, only one champion. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s epic title battle heads to its penultimate round this weekend with the first-ever Saudi Arabian GP – and you can watch all the action, and maybe the crowning glory of it all. ‘a champion, live on Sky Sports F1.

Verstappen and Hamilton, who have been very close throughout the season, are only eight points separated before the inaugural race on Jeddah’s new Corniche circuit – officially the fastest street track in the history of the F1.

That points margin means Verstappen can clinch the title this weekend, but also means there is a very real prospect of a ‘winner takes it all’ season finale in Abu Dhabi, with Hamilton and Mercedes as the driver. and team in shape.

A new track with risks at every turn and a championship on the line – it will be a crucial and incredibly exciting weekend.

The key moments are:

  • Qualifying is live on Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports Main Event on Saturdays at 5 p.m.
  • The race is live on Sky Sports F1 and Sky Sports Main Event on Sunday at 5:30 p.m.

How Verstappen can win the Saudi Arabian GP title

  • If he wins the race with the fastest lap (26 points) and Hamilton finishes sixth (8 points) or less
  • If he wins the race without the fastest lap (25 points) and Hamilton finishes seventh (6 points) or less
  • If he finishes second with the fastest lap (19 points) and Hamilton finishes 10th (1 point) or less
  • If he finishes second without the fastest lap (18 points) and Hamilton finishes outside the top 10

How is Saudi Arabia’s trail?

The Jeddah Corniche Track joins F1 as a new street circuit, with a specially designed layout to encourage fast wheel-to-wheel racing. And drivers won’t have seen anything like it.

With an average speed of over 160 mph, it only sits behind Monza among the fastest on the entire calendar, yet surrounded by barriers and little runoff. Think of the challenges and narrow walls of Monaco, Singapore and Baku with the speed and smooth turns of Spa.

The track, located on the Corniche – a seaside resort in Jeddah – by the Red Sea, will also be F1’s second longest behind Spa, as it has 27 bends, most of which are high-speed bends.

Highlights of the Jeddah Corniche Trail

Circuit length6.174km
DRS zones3
Running distance50 laps

There will also be three DRS zones for the event to encourage overtaking, with straight line speed certainly a factor despite the number of turns.

“The design brings out the best of a modern street circuit, but it also features fluid and fast areas that will create quick speeds and passing opportunities,” said Ross Brawn, general manager of F1 Motorsport.

It will host F1’s first race in Saudi Arabia, although it is unlikely to be a permanent home for racing despite the country’s long agreement for a place on the calendar.

A specially designed site is being built closer to the capital city of Riyadh, with the Jeddah Corniche Trail – which was completed in less than a year – expected to be in use until around 2024.

When to watch this weekend live on Sky Sports F1


6 p.m .: The F1 Show Live *

7 p.m .: Pilot press conference


10:45 am: Live F2 practice

1 p.m .: F1 Practice One Live (start of the session at 1.30 p.m.) *

3:15 p.m .: Live F2 Qualifications

4:45 p.m .: F1 Practice Two Live (start of session 4:45 p.m.) *


12:20 p.m .: F2 Sprint Race 1 live

1:45 p.m .: F1 Practice Three Live (start of the session at 2 p.m.) *

4:00 p.m .: Preparation for qualifying for the Saudi Arabian GP live

5 p.m .: Saudi Arabian GP qualifying live

6:35 p.m .: F2 Sprint Race 2 live

8:30 p.m .: Ted’s qualification log


2.15 p.m .: F2 Feature Race Live

4 p.m .: Grand Prix Sunday Live: Saudi Arabia **


7:30 p.m .: Checkered Flag Live: Saudi Arabia

8:45 p.m .: Ted’s Notebook Live

9:30 p.m .: Highlights of the Saudi Arabian GP

* simultaneous broadcast on Sky Sports Main Event
** Simultaneous broadcast on Sky Sports Main Event from 5 p.m.


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