Renault Clio with tank tracks is an unusual off-road construction


For those of you who do not live in Europe and South America and are new to the Renault Clio, the shortest and simplest description of the car we have come up with is that it is the competitor of the Ford Fiesta of the firm of Boulogne-Billancourt. It was launched in 1990 as the successor to the Renault 5 and is also known as Symbol, Taxi Express and Lutecia depending on the market. Aside from its performance versions, it’s a humble sedan with small engines.

The simplest vehicles are sometimes the most fun to drive, and a second-generation Clio has captured the attention of the Master Milo chain on Youtube. If you’ve watched videos of these crazy people, you probably know what to expect. If you haven’t, then seeing the little Euro hatch carrying tank tracks will probably shock you. The project started a few weeks ago and now it is finally moving forward on its own and is even (kind of) piloting.

These tracks are obviously much too heavy for the small engine of the Clio but it seems that the four-cylinder block is doing well despite the white smoke coming out of the exhausts. The same can’t be said for the clutch, which does its best to send power to the heavy tracks. At some point near the end of the video, the clutch dies and that’s the end of the Clio tank, at least for now.

Reading the comments, there are some interesting ideas for the future of the project. A potato gun on the roof would be a nice addition to the fog generator that disturbs the enemy, for example. Someone even suggested that it would be cool if we saw the clutch dismantled after the backyard terror, although we pretty much know what to expect – a clutch soup. There is also the remark that the Clio tank smokes as much as the T-55 tank, and we cannot argue with that.


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