Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue says more celebrities got P3 loans amid jail time


Pretty Ricky’s Baby Blue was sentenced to 20 months in prison.

To the uninitiated, Pretty Ricky was a late ’90s R&B and hip-hop group from Florida that peaked in the early 2000s with a string of hits that saw them hugely successful, including especially in women.

The group has had no recent success and may be the reason for a member’s run-in with the law. “Baby Blue”, whose first name is Diamond Blue Smith, was sentenced to nearly two years in prison for defrauding the government. According to Department of Justice, Baby Blue was one of many arrested in October 2020 in what has become a massive COVID-19 relief loan scam. According to a press release from the Department of Justice, Baby Blue and others were charged with “alleged involvement in a scheme to file fraudulent loan applications for more than $ 24 million in repayable loans from the Personal Protection Program. paychecks (PPP) ”.

Baby Blue pleaded guilty earlier this year and subsequently had most of his property seized, including his Ferrari. In an interview with Hollywood Unlocked ahead of his court-ordered appearance in June, the “Grind With Me” singer hoped for a redemptive future after his release.

Trauma continues to make its way to the Artist’s Door. Last year, he was shot in the shoulder and hospitalized after an attempted robbery. Due to the nature of his other injuries, he had to relearn to walk. He will now have to adapt to life behind bars for twenty months. The conviction was passed on December 16, after he admitted to conspiring to commit wire fraud.

Smith admitted to obtaining a PPP loan in the amount of $ 426,717 using false information and forged documents to maintain his lavish lifestyle, which has taken an economic hit due to the pandemic. He secured a second loan of $ 708,065 for his company Blue Star Records LLC, using the same illegal trick, and embarked on a spending spree, paying for luxury hotel rooms, nights in South Florida casinos and buying a Ferrari. He also paid his two accomplices, who helped him prepare and submit fraudulent loan applications.

When news of his conviction broke, the general feeling was that he had done very well and that his lawyer had made a hell of a plea deal to get him such a short sentence, especially because the amount he had defrauded amounted to over a million dollars. Most people still support Smith, who said last year with the shooting and court appearances had been difficult for him.

In a new statement via his Instagram story, Baby Blue says many more celebrities have also gotten questionable PPP loans from the government, but he’s not going to name names because he’s not a snitch.

“Neither ** how wants me to be a snitch because they got sneaked in the blood,” he wrote on IG. “I’m different here! There are no rats in my family! I could never be a snitch! My ancestors wouldn’t like it! All the while 2 niggas in my case became informants and said all they could!

“I would never do SNITCH!” It was me that the informants pointed out! Blue tweeted. “2 of them became informants about me from day one!” Anyway, I stand 10ft and do my time like a G! There is no snitch in my blood.

“The media played with my name and put me at the head of a conspiracy without knowing the facts! he added in another tweet. “Painted me to be a thief and I’ve never stolen a dime in my life!” You all want to demean my character to a crook! There is more to the story and Ima is writing a book and making a movie about it! “

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