Police are scrambling to track down the mailbox burglar who hit the North Side apartments


SAN ANTONIO, TX – San Antonio police are trying to track down a burglar who broke into dozens of mailboxes at a North Side apartment complex on Friday morning and then escaped on a motorcycle.

An officer responding to a call about a robbery in progress around 4:30 a.m. says he saw a man break into a cluster mailbox at the Landera Apartments, located in the 13400 block of Blanco Road.

According to the police, the scammer broke into 48 mailboxes of this group. (KSAT News 12)

The policeman chased the man who ran away but was unable to catch him.

He says the burglar then jumped on a motorbike and fled.

Officers dispersed to the area, looking for the burglar but did not find him.

They say they found a bag he dropped in the parking lot that appeared to contain at least some of the stolen mail.

The burglar dropped a bag as he ran that appeared to contain at least some of the stolen mail. (KSAT News 12)

In total, they say he broke into 48 mailboxes in the cluster, including the smallest type that holds letters and the larger ones for packages.

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Seeing the police gather around the mailbox of his apartment complex is an all too familiar sight for Viola Register.

“We constantly get notices that the mailbox has been broken into,” she said.

Register said resort management had recently installed security lights and surveillance cameras in hopes of preventing such a problem.

She said her mailbox had been hit before and it was only luck that it wasn’t broken into again.

“When I put in my key, the whole section pops up, so it would be easy to get in there too,” Register said.

Mailbox thefts continue to be a problem across the city, police said.

They were unable to determine if the man who broke into these mailboxes could be responsible for other similar burglaries in the area.

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