Pogacar’s start to his career is simply impressive


Viewed as young adults in society, people in their early twenties are viewed as babies by those who are older. Many wish they could relive their twenties because it’s usually a time to be carefree and learn more about yourself and the world.

Do you remember your life at 22? For some, we entered the real world after completing higher education. At this age, you still make mistakes and hope to learn from them. But for others, you are about to win your second Tour de France.

Tadej Pogacar is considered a child in society but is nothing less than a dominant threat in the world of cycling. At 22, Pogacar entered the professional cycling scene and achieved accolades that some could only dream of. He won the Tour de France in 2020, becoming the first Slovenian to do so.

If Pogacar manages to win his second Tour de France, it would already place him in elite company. Some of the best cyclists in history, like Alberto Contador, Bernard Thevenet and Ottavio Bottecchia have all won two Tour de France victories. Of course, other riders have more victories under their belt, but this second victory puts Pogacar in elite company.

While back-to-back Tour de France victories are not necessarily rare, it remains an incredible achievement, especially as a young cyclist. Pogacar is already one of the youngest cyclists to have won the Tour de France and likely has a long and illustrious career ahead of him.

Pogarcar’s dominance at the start of professional cycling was just a glimpse of his talent. He joined the WorldTour in 2019 and is already one of the most accomplished cyclists on the circuit.

In 2020, Pogacar won the white jersey for the best youngster of the Tour, as well as the polka dot jersey for the best climber. His yellow jersey was the icing on the cake of an impressive first Tour de France victory. The only other rider to have won three jerseys in the same Tour was Eddy Merckx. While Pogacar still has a long way to go to achieve Merckx’s achievements, he is in good company to start his career.

For those who bet on the Tour, you know that Pogacar is the big favorite to win the event at this stage. Betway Sports has the 22-year-old at -2000, Jonas Vingegaard coming in second at +1600.

Pogacar also dominates other potential bets. Betway Sports took Pogacar at -6600 to win the 2021 Young Rider jersey again. Pogacar is so special that you can bet on the winner without them being in the equation. Essentially, you can bet on who you think would win the Tour de France if Pogacar were not in competition.

If that’s not a prestigious level of respect from punters, I don’t know what it is.

The Tour de France will continue to see young riders winning the event, that’s obvious. However, we see something special at every step of Pogacar. It might be bold to say it, but Pogacar’s current trajectory in the sport is unmatched. When you watch the Pogacar race you witness something special.

We are at the start of Pogacar’s career and he is already a remarkable rider. To think he’s only 22 makes his current achievements and potential even more astonishing.

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Tons of sports feature young athletes who dominate at a young age, but Pogacar is a boy among men and rolls like a legend early in his career. The sky is the limit for the Slovenian runner and his potential is now incalculable.

Pogacar was the winner of Stage 5 of the Tour 2021 and he has shown brilliance at every stage. Its consistency is one of the focal points and what makes it so pleasing to the eye.

Once described as a young prodigy, his explosiveness at the highest level currently places Pogacar among the best riders in the world. For those who follow different sports, we are witnessing a future hall of fame that has years ahead of it. While the start of his career has been amazing, one can only guess what he has up his sleeve throughout his career.

Pogacar lived up to the hype and is on course for another Tour de France victory. The career of the young Slovenian should be a witness and we are just happy to be part of it.

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