New US Criteria Series Takes Shape with $ 100,000 Grant


A new set of professional criteria for 2022 was announced today by USA Cycling, working with a group of race directors and cycling teams, many of whom are part of the National Association of Cycling Teams. Six founding events with 13 days of racing have been confirmed for the new series, which will offer support and cash prizes totaling $ 100,000, to be split equally between men and women.

Two of those races, Saint Francis Tulsa Tough in Oklahoma and ASWD Twilight Criterium in Idaho, were part of the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour. Along with Salt Lake Criterium and Littleton Criterium, these four founding events were part of the USA Crits series, a set of separately managed races that were the subject of controversy and whose future was uncertain for next season.

“Historically, cycling teams and athletes have simply had to accept proposed events with little or no say. We are delighted that USA Cycling and Event Directors are making the effort to work with NACT considering the unified voice of teams and riders. Putting teams and athletes first is a step in the right direction for all of sport, ”said Lauren Dodge, Interim President of the National Association of Cycling Teams.

A selection committee made up of the stakeholders involved was currently evaluating nominations for other high-profile events to add to the series’ schedule, with a final list of criteria to be announced in January, according to a press release. Other events that have been part of the Pro Road Tour are being considered, as well as events belonging to the L39ION of Los Angeles.

“Criteria are the dominant form of competitive road cycling in the United States and have proven popular with the public and sponsors. This new collaborative effort between event organizers, USA Cycling, and athletes provides an opportunity to elevate the stature of criterium races. and add value to our stakeholders, ”said Malcolm McCollam, Executive Director of Saint Francis Tulsa Tough.

The Tulsa races span three days of racing, with the Gateway Cup races in the St. Louis, Missouri area offering four days of racing. Races in Utah and Indiana were part of two-day events, while Idaho and Colorado were one-off events. Until now, all of the named events in the series have committed to awarding equal prizes for professional male and female fields in their potential races, with the series prize being an additional sum to the individual event payouts.

“Defending the best criterium events in the United States is a priority for USA Cycling,” said Chuck Hodge, Chief of Racing and Events. “Being able to spotlight races and riders through a series of professional criteria directly serves our mission of promoting the sport of cycling.

Once a full lineup for the races is announced next month, USA Cycling said a name for the series will be released with more details.

Founding events for 2022:

  • June 10-12 – Saint Francis Tulsa Tough, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • July 9 – ASWD Twilight Criteriumm, Boise, Idaho
  • July 16-17 – Salt Lake City Criterium, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • August 6 – Littleton Criterium, Littleton, Colorado
  • August 27-28 – Momentum Indy, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • September 2-5 – Bommarito Audi Gateway Cup, St. Louis, Missouri

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