Local and state road services prepare roads for winter


VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTWO / WAWV) – Vigo County and National Roads officials said their preparations for this winter began months ago.

The Vigo County Roads Department is introducing new Esri GPS software that can better spot roads that require special attention during snowstorms.

“So this software will use this GPS unit and it will be able to tell where this truck has been and sort of say where it goes as far as it goes and whether that route is plowed or treated or not,” County Engineer and Highway said director Larry Robbins.

Robbins said this software would save valuable time during a storm.

“Sometimes this snow event doesn’t cover the whole county or has a bigger impact on some areas than others,” Robbins said. “This will allow us to coordinate this type of mobility on the fly. “

The new software allows the roads department to send screenshots of roads that have been cleared of snow and those that have not.

“We can take that snapshot and at 5 in the morning we can take this snapshot of the roads that have been processed, send it to the media, send it to EMA and say, ‘Hey, everybody getting ready to go. at work and everything, “said Robbins. “This is what has been processed and this is what is not.”

As for the Indiana Department of Transportation, it is in the process of training its drivers in extreme weather conditions.

“Right now our snow plow operators do and do our snow and ice training, so things happen before the first snowflake falls,” INDOT spokesperson Debbie Calder said.

“We get a lot of phone calls, hey my road isn’t cleared of snow yet,” Robbins said. “Well, if the main road isn’t cleared of snow yet, chances are we haven’t reached your road yet. So we want to keep these main roads open and keep them cleared of snow so that everyone is safe because that is the predominant amount of traffic, and then switch to those secondary roads at that time.

The Vigo County Roads Department has 3,000 tonnes of salt ready to use for any winter situation.


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