How do same-day loans work in the UK?


Same-day loans operate similarly to other loans for short durations. There is nothing unique about GreenDay loans. The technology available today allows cash transfers to be made in a matter of minutes *. There aren’t any additional costs for same-day transfers today and it’s a commonly accepted practice to receive money on the same day, provided that it is accepted.

In order to apply for a loan, you’ll need to fill out an application. You can apply online to brokers or lenders. In this scenario, the online application will typically take only several minutes to finish.

If you prefer, you can go to any of the shops on the main street or your bank, where you’ll be assisted in the application. Whatever option you decide to use, ensure you verify that the bank is FCA licensed and controlled by FCA.

Be sure to fill in your application as precisely as you can. Keep your identification and bank account information on hand since they might be needed in the course of the loan application.

If the loan you are applying for is secured it will be legally required to perform a credit test.

Based on the personal details you have provided as well as the credit score you have Your request could be approved or rejected. If it is declined, we will offer alternatives to financial products that are suited to your specific needs.

In the event that your request for loan approval is approved your loan application is successful, you will receive an invitation from a lender who matches your loan. The terms and conditions that you will be able to borrow, including the amount of money you borrowed, interest rate, additional charges, and the repayment period will be set automatically and outlined in your credit contract.

It is common to repay the loan through direct debit. If the process of arranging Direct debit of your banking account isn’t possible due to any reason, it is best to speak with the lender to discuss the options available.

What can I take out in that same day?

The amount that same-day lending companies can lend could range from PS100 to PS5,000 based on the borrower’s needs and the situation.

Do I require a guarantee in order to apply?

It’s up to you, but unless stated otherwise, the majority of unsecured loans will not require a guarantor for approval. Popular short-term credit products (such as short-term loans) typically process fast payment without guarantees.

However, some credit facilities that require a guarantor might be able to approve same-day loans, provided that the requirements are met within the timeframe.

Can I get an same-day loan in the near future, if I am the loan is approved?

If they are the loan is approved, applicants could get loans on the exact date * they applied for and the loan could be paid to the borrower’s account. The only reason the lender might require longer processing time is due to compliance requirements, and automated underwriting or affordability checks if needed.


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