Cyber ​​fraudsters sexually harass a woman and extort money from her for a loan she never took


A 24-year-old woman was sexually harassed by cyber fraudsters who called her from 25 different mobile numbers and threatened to defame her if she didn’t repay a loan she never took , and extorted Rs 4.5 lakh from him. By refusing to pay more money, they circulated her mobile number on social media sites as that of a sex worker and further called her relatives and friends and defamed her.

An FIR was registered by the Charkop police station in Kandivali (West) on April 14. The complainant works in a private company. The harassment began on March 30 when she received a WhatsApp message from an unknown number asking her to repay the money she had taken out as a loan from an online loan application called “Wallby”.

She told police: “I replied to them on WhatsApp that I had not taken any loan and asked them to send proof of their claim that I had taken a loan.” She received similar messages saying she had taken loans from other online loan applications like Easy Credit, Obicash, Piump Wollet, Yes Cash, Cash Poket, Rupy Line, Okko and Jojo.

Soon after, she received a threat that she had to pay the loan amount or else she would start sending derogatory messages with her picture to people in her contact list. The fraudsters then called her from 25 different numbers and threatened her.

Until April 11, the fraudsters made him deposit money in different bank accounts. The scammers kept calling her for more money even after she said she had no more money. Due to harassment, she turned off her phone on April 12.

On the same day, her friends and family members received messages that she had not paid the loan amount. She asked them to ignore her, but her cousin sister told her that she had received a WhatsApp message where her number and photo were of a sex worker. The woman then decided to go to the police.

What is Loan Scam Cyber ​​Fraud?

According to an awareness notice issued by the Mira Bhayandar Vasai Virar (MBVV) Police Station, cyber fraudsters are running a “short term online loan” scam where they trick people into taking out small loans of a few thousand dollars. rupees. For this, they make them download an application on phone and to get a loan, they make it mandatory to access a user’s contact list, video, photos and messages. They then target users even after repaying the loan by asking for more money and if a person refuses to pay more money, they start extorting. Police warned people not to install such apps and fall for such cheats.


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