Chevrolet Corvette production halted after factory fire caused by tornado


Chevrolet said it had suspended production of its Corvette sports car for the week of December 13 to repair damage from a fire that broke out on Saturday at its Bowling Green, Ky., Assembly plant.

The blaze was caused by one of several tornadoes that swept through six states in the southern and midwestern United States over the weekend. The storms killed more than 90 people and, in some cases, wiped out entire towns.

The fire “caused damage to the facility, including the roof and the employee entrance,” GM said in a statement to Automotive News. “The small number of employees who were there are all safe. Maintaining a safe working environment for factory employees is our top priority. “

The factory will be inactive all week, with the first and second shifts canceled so that teams can bring the facility up to standard. Production is expected to resume on December 20.

This is not the first time that we have seen C8 production come to a halt. The factory has taken several breaks in the past due to COVID-19 issues and supply shortages.

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