C4 Cycling donates bicycles to primary schools


COVINGTON, Georgia – Over 20 years ago, the Covington Conyers Cycling Club (C4) was formed. In recent years, the club has donated 50 bicycles to local primary schools for donation to underprivileged students.

C4 members collect donated used bikes and recondition them. The club spends almost $ 1,500 repairing the bikes to prepare them for the kids to ride.

Donations are accepted throughout the year.

This year, C4 donated nearly 85 used bikes to the cause, of which around 50 could be repaired enough to be used. Half went to students at Sims Elementary School in Conyers and the other half went to Fairview Elementary School in Covington.

The students also received a helmet, lights to place on the bikes and a brochure on cyclist safety.

Deliveries took place on Friday, December 10.

According to C4 chairman John Keck, donations really start pouring in in September and October.

“I start posting on social media in August,” Keck explained. “So we have a boost in September and October and these are our biggest months. But it’s not unusual for me to wake up in the morning and walk outside and there’s a bike that someone just dropped off.

At Fairview, Principal Andrea King and Councilor Juanita Hosch-Martin work hand in hand with teachers to select students each year.

After the donation was completed, Hosch-Martin expressed his gratitude to all C4 members who attended, thanking them.

However, collecting and donating bikes is one of C4’s three missions. They include:

1. Create a safer riding environment for cyclists by working with local governments to establish well-marked bike lanes and routes in Newton, Rockdale, Walton and Morgan counties.

2. Actively seek to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to lead active and healthy lives through cycling and exercise.

3. Give back to the community by organizing and participating in charitable activities throughout the region.

In addition to riding a bicycle, C4 participates in other community service activities through various awareness programs.

For example, they participate in the “Bike Rodeo” which is organized in collaboration with the YMCA and the Covington Police Department. The “Faith & Blue & Bikes! Trail Ride, the “Ride for Kai” (Kai named after a person killed by a hit-and-run driver in Conyers) and several other charity bike rides in which C4 also rode.

Financially, C4 supports Hope Atanta, the Boys and Girls Club, Newton Trails and the Willing Helpers medical clinic.

But, donating bikes is something Keck and C4 hope to continue for years to come.

“I think we can continue this in perpetuity, hopefully,” Keck said.

For more information on the cycling club, visit https://www.c4cycling.com/. The best way to donate bikes is to send a message to the C4 Facebook page @CovingtonConyersCyclingClub.

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