Black Friday Headphone Deals: Wireless Headphones & On-Ear Headphones For Your Next Workout


If you like to wear headphones while riding your bike, whether indoors or outdoors, there are tons of Black Friday earphone deals for you.

Whatever you do for a living, whether it’s biking, exercising at the gym, or even working out, there’s no denying that music can provide a much needed boost, and today’s best headphones are a far cry from the wired versions we used just a few years ago. Today’s best are wireless, lightweight, fast-charging, and many feature active noise cancellation that lets you really block out the outside world, then let it in again whenever you want. just pushing a button.

There are usually discounts on headphones and earphones throughout the year, so there is rarely a bad time to buy headphones. However, with the arrival of Black Friday bike deals, the competitive nature of retailer pricing means you’re not only likely to find the lowest prices this weekend, but you’re also guaranteed a wide choice of options at a reduced price. With that, this weekend is a perfect time to treat yourself to a new pair, or maybe treat someone else to their dream in-ear or on-ear headphones for Christmas.

Whether you’re someone who likes to wear a pair when you’re on the go, or someone who wants to listen to some catchy music while making the most of your recent Black Friday turbo trainer purchase, scroll down to find some of the best deals in stock right now, starting with the US deals and then below the deals for our UK readers.

The best Black Friday helmet deals at a glance

Offers in the United States

UK offers

The best Black Friday helmet deals in the US

The best Black Friday headphone deals in the UK

Whether you’re more comfortable with in-ear or in-ear headphones, they can be perfect for helping you break through the pain barrier during those turbo sessions. While we don’t recommend wearing them when cycling on the road, some people find that they really help with the training miles.

AirPods are always at the top of the list thanks to their connectivity with iPhones and the exceptional technology they contain. This is especially true for AirPods Pro which have some great Black Friday deals this weekend. Also, don’t overlook offers from Sony, JBL, and other headphone brands, if you’re not an Apple devotee.

Other Black Friday offers

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