5 must-see all-terrain vehicles in GTA Online


From incredibly powerful off-road trucks to blazingly fast road cars, GTA Online offers a diverse assortment of vehicles, each more impressive than the next.

While the popularity of super-fast road vehicles is absolutely unprecedented in GTA Online, off-road vehicles are incredibly useful on their own and deserve a lot more hype than they get.

This article takes a look at 5 of the most popular off-road vehicles featured in GTA Online.

5 best off-road vehicles in GTA Online

# 1 BF Bifta

Boasting a dune buggy-like style, the BF Bifta is still a great selling point for itself. It performs exceptionally well off the streets and on off-road terrain. Its top speed and acceleration are decent enough for an all-terrain vehicle; Admittedly, however, the Bifta isn’t known for its handling, which, frankly, would give even more skilled drivers a hard time. While the open body of the vehicle leaves the player vulnerable to gunfire, the Bifta is useful for evading cops and off-road racing. It is, despite its flaws, one of the best off-road vehicles in GTA Online.

# 4 BF Rampe Buggy

Few things are as satisfying in GTA Online as sending NPC vehicles into the air. Equipped with a bulky body and an intimidating frame, the Ramp Buggy, as the name suggests, is an absolute pro at warding off small vehicles and wreaking havoc during a session. It’s recorded at a top speed of 113.00 mph (181.86 km / h), which is, while not a speed breaker, incredibly impressive for an all-terrain vehicle. The vehicle also performs exceptionally well, requiring virtually no driver intervention. Overall, the Ramp Buggy is a staple in GTA Online.

# 3 Canis Kamacho

This off-road enthusiast, with high torque and excellent top speed, does not need to be featured in GTA Online. It is without a doubt one of the most remarkable vehicles in GTA Online. Not only does it behave incredibly well, it also performs exceptionally well, and given that this is all from an all-terrain vehicle, it deserves a lot more credit for its efficiency than it gets.

# 2 Brawler coil

Recorded at a top speed of 117.75 mph (189.50 km / h), the Coil Brawler is one of the fastest off-road vehicles in GTA Online. This practical vehicle offers excellent acceleration, agile handling and outstanding overall performance. If there’s one all-terrain vehicle you can’t miss, it’s the Coil Brawler.

# 1 Nagasaki BF400

The BF400 was added to GTA Online as part of Cunning Stunts update 1.35 and has been a fan favorite ever since.

Recorded at a top speed of 137 mph, the BF400 is incredibly fast for an all-terrain vehicle. It also offers smooth handling and quick acceleration.

The BF400 is arguably the best off-road bike in GTA Online. It can be purchased from Southern SA Super Autos for $ 95,000 and customized to perfection at Los Santos Customs.

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