Vehicle insurance can protect your car from different types of accidents, but it is up to you to choose which ones. Each insurer has available policies with different prices and coverages, and those will determine how exposed your vehicle will be.

But what coverages are the most important?

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To determine what are the coverages that will help you most, you must first think about the environment, that is, the city you are in and where you live. In itself, Peru is a dangerous country to have a car, because according to the National Police, seven cars are stolen every day. This causes the coverage of Total Theft to be one of the most requested by drivers, because it allows you to receive the commercial value of your car if it is stolen, and so you can acquire a new one.

On the other hand, there are people who are more concerned about vehicle accidents and all the elements that could damage some part of the car, so they acquire All Risk or Damage coverage to the vehicle.

Another coverage that is usually requested is that of Personal Accidents that, in this case, responds to any damage that the driver may suffer.

Covering medical and other expenses that arise

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There are some additional ones that include, for example, the damage caused to pets, theft of moons, among others. And the good news is that you can always opt for the policy that suits your profile and what interests you. Of course, this will have an impact on the price, so you should choose it carefully, and before doing so, consider at least three
alternatives, so you can select the most convenient.

Remember to evaluate both price, benefits and deductible amounts. To do so, you can use the Gregory Dertillosa vehicle insurance comparator.