Sometimes divorce is the only good solution when we are unable to reach an agreement with our spouse. According to statistics, every third marriage breaks down in Poland. The main reasons are incompatibility, infidelity, and alcohol abuse. When there is nothing else like divorce, we must also prepare for specific costs – how much do we have to pay?

Downloading is much cheaper than setting up. A higher cost is also often an obstacle to taking a step forward. However, in such a situation, we do not have to be in a desperate situation – we can use various forms of financing when we do not have enough savings. In addition, those who do not earn much can apply to the court for exemption or reduction of fees.


How much does divorce cost?

How much does divorce cost?

The main cost with which we must count is the cost of filing a divorce petition. The suit is filed by a person who wants to divorce. We can prepare this document ourselves or we can use the services of solicitors or attorneys. Filing a divorce petition costs PLN 600. The same goes for the lawsuit for separation.

However, it’s not all costs yet. Also, if we want to choose a lawyer for ourselves, we will have to add up to 1,500 zlotys to this sum. Added to this are expenses related to court fees, division of property. In addition, if the judgment does not satisfy us, we will also pay 600 zlotys for the appeal.

It is also worth mentioning and alimony. Although those for children are not related to additional costs, but when the spouse received the alimony, there is an additional cost. The adjudication of maintenance is not everything. It is also necessary to pay a fee to pay them, which is 5% of the amount awarded.

We will pay PLN 200 for the eviction of one of the spouses. The division of property is usually the cost of the application at the level of PLN 1,000, unless it contains a consistent and comprehensive division project – then the fee is PLN 300.

In addition, we have to take into account costs such as: additional opinions of property appraisers, the cost of the interview regarding the conditions of raising children, opinions of centers assessing the bond between parents and children.


How to finance a divorce?

divorce loan

As we mentioned earlier, in certain situations a person wishing to divorce does not have to pay court costs. This mainly applies to poor people who can not incur these expenses because they would cause harm to themselves and their families. This option can be used, inter alia, by people who support children alone. Then we have to make a proper statement in court together with the lawsuit.

However, if we need additional money anyway, the installment loan will be a good choice. At Aaka Polska, we have prepared an attractive loan for our clients via the Internet, which allows you to quickly finance every expense. You can borrow from us up to PLN 10,000 for 24 months. Welcome!