We deal with Compass personal loans which, precisely, is the Halfbank Group which since 1960 has been the leader in the consumer credit market. This credit institution proposes safe and reliable solutions. His propensity to meet the needs of his customers has certainly made him one of the most important realities in Italy in terms of loans and personal loans. An explanation over at http://trojanestate.com/bad-credit-loans-nyc-easy-low-credit-loans-online-available-instantly-with-us/

So let’s go into an in-depth look at the services it can offer and the latest news that it has decided to give to users in a way that is certainly advantageous even for those who are discovering the aforementioned company in this period.

Compass Personal Loans: quote and installment calculation



As you know, before proceeding with a loan it is always advisable to know exactly what the possibilities that can be offered by the credit institution may be. In fact, even Compass, thanks to its official website , provides the service of calculating the installment which can be useful to get an idea of ​​the next repayment.

On the right side of the main screen you can immediately see the link of the Calculation of the installment on which you must click. Through this page you can then choose the amount and duration of the loan, the tool and the interests that are applied.

Through the online estimator it is also possible to hypothesize various simulations , modifying the financed amount and the installment period, so as to compare different loan estimates and choose the installment that best suits your financial needs.

In this link, therefore, there are more boxes in which it is necessary to enter the sum to be requested and the duration of the monthly installment to be made. At this point, the result can be obtained with the figure of the forecasted installment and the relative percentages corresponding to the tan and the taeg. Then, if you agree, you can go to the nearest branch.


Compass Online Loans: Interest Rates and Opinions


 Compass Online Loans: Interest Rates and Opinions


Now, let’s try to see at a practical level what exactly a loan executed with Compass consists of, what are the interest rates and also the opinions of users relating to this institution. Previously, the procedure was described as very quick to have a quote at hand.

Well, after having carried out these very simple steps, we consult a demonstration by way of example. Let us consider the case that such a applicant has decided to start a loan and needs a good 9,000 dollar. So what would be the figures with which you should deal?

The maximum amount that can be typed, as shown on the website, is up to 10,000 dollar, therefore, our user can proceed with the second box, entering the duration of the loan he prefers. So, he decides to get away with 60 monthly payments which give him the following result.

First of all, the monthly payment to be repaid in those months will be 193.64 dollars; a figure that can certainly be considered rather advantageous. As regards, instead, the percentages of tan and taeg, the first is 9.90% and the second is 11.45%. A solution that can be very interesting for other users too.

This service, considering the opinions of customers who often use them, is able to satisfy the majority of all those who have tried it. Many, then, feel compelled to recommend it even to those who do not yet know it.


Compass Easy loan


 Compass Easy loan



The Compass Easy loan is made up of other flexibility options and proposes a payment that does not change for the entire repayment period. To this you can also add the “Salata Rata” option. What does it mean?

It means that, at no additional cost, you can skip the installment up to five times and even postpone the payment at the end of the term. Moreover, thanks to the ” Installment Change ” option, the installment can also be reduced up to 5 times during the repayment, extending the duration. In short, several possibilities that allow you to manage your loan in a very comfortable and stress-free way.


Compass Total Flex loan


 Compass Total Flex loan

Now, the time has come to deal with another interesting offer proposed, once again, by Compass. Total Flex is a flexible loan that allows you to carry out your projects in a very comfortable way. In fact, there are many installment and duration solutions that you can choose according to your needs.

In addition, the repayment plan can also be changed at no additional cost and therefore the installment amount may be reduced or, if needed, it is even possible to skip one installment a year and up to five times. Finally, a maximum of 30,000 dollars can be requested.

Consolidated Compass Debts Consolidation

 Consolidated Compass Debts Consolidation

The purpose of the Compasso debit consolidation “UNICA” is, precisely, to allow a refund in lighter conditions. Compass, in this regard, provides the solution called Unica. This is an option for those who have decided to put new ideas into practice or for those who need liquidity and have other active loans.

Thanks to Unica, it can be solved with a single monthly installment and a single management of its loans. Furthermore, deadlines will be simplified, monthly commitments will be reduced with customized solutions that meet the needs of each applicant, including through professional advice.


The Compass Tifra Loan enables certain favorable advantages to be known. In fact, you can comfortably choose your own installment of this personal loan that has a special feature or has a round and all-inclusive amount with which to repay monthly.

This kind of financing is, once again, structured to truly satisfy everyone’s requests. Moreover, the installment is even very easy to manage, since it remains constant for the entire duration of the repayment without any kind of change.

Loan with jump installment


But it’s not over here. Compass is full of resources and does not lack anything for its applicants. For those not familiar, there is also another possibility called Jump. To be precise, it is a personal loan with which it is possible to skip, once a year, the payment of an installment up to a maximum of five times in the financing period and, it is good to specify it, without any other additional cost .

Moreover, thanks to Compass’s Jump , you can even postpone the payment at the end of the term and, to do this, you just need to point out that you want to skip the payment and nothing else. An opportunity certainly not to be missed and that can be very useful.

Compass Finalized Loan


 Compass Finalized Loan


Compass, in addition to all this, gives way to further facilitate the purchases of its users. This is possible thanks to the Finalized Loan which, below, will explain what it is about. First of all, it should be clarified that, thanks to this type of loan, it is possible to buy a wide range of products or services, even very different ones.

In fact, this financing has an articulated network of commercial partners that has over 35,000 affiliated shops . In fact, the decades-long experience that Compass has developed over the years allows it to propose an exclusive relationship to its customers and to its business partners in a very accurate and attentive to specific needs.

There are an infinite number of users who, every day, in small and large commercial establishments affiliated with Compass can guarantee that they have made a wide variety of purchases, paying through installments easily and without worries.

The categories of products covered by the agreement , as we said a few lines above, are really many and some of which are the large-scale retail trade, cars, motorcycles and mopeds, consumer electronics, mobile phones, furniture and furnishings. And again, travel, medical care and even insurance policies.


Sale of the Fifth Compass Employees and Pensioners Inpdap


 Sale of the Fifth Compass Employees and Pensioners Inpdap


The Compasso Fifth Assignment is a solution that can be accessed by both workers who fall into the category of public and private employees and Inpdap pensioners. This type of financing offers very interesting advantages that you should take a look at.

First of all, just think that no guarantor is required because the personal loan is guaranteed by salary or pension. Secondly, it is necessary to know that the monthly installment must not exceed the fifth of the salary and pension or 20%.

In addition, there is no way to extend the repayment up to a good ten years through comfortable installments. But how is this repayment done? In a very simple and practical way. This means that the monthly sum is taken directly from the pay slip or, in the case of a pensioner, from the pension slip. Last but not least, there is also the possibility of requesting an advance and, among other things, without any brokerage fees.